Numbers with nonsense, or nonsense with numbers

Arne Dørumsgaard unpacks rare records, purchased or exchanged from other collectors somewhere in the world. Today, the records are in Stavanger. In front the stray dog ​​Kim, who Arne and his wife Nella Valenza adopted.

Stavanger Municipality will close down The Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound with a stroke of a pen, and uses a multi-toothed budget fork to illustrate how serious this will be for the municipality. In 105 years! Usually you set up a budget for the next year, alternatively for four years (long-term budget). The municipal director’s calculation seems to be somewhat more violent, and probably not in line with reality. READ MORE:

A book about Marco Contini’s collection of old gramophones. A natural part to have in an opera collection, just like gramophone records. The Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound has the Tandberg collection of audio tape recorders.

«A few more centuries ahead,

taking into account a moderate level of inflation, all Stavanger municipality’s revenues will have to be transferred to the operation of the sound institute «, writes the municipal director. In the year 2125 the municipality will have to pay more than 725 million Norwegian kroner a year for the operation of NLS, all the municipality’s income will go to the sound institute», he writes further.

Stavanger museum

receives, reportedly, about 27 million Norwegian kroner from Stavanger municipality each year, in addition to an annual increase of about 2%. In other words, approximately the same percentage increase that The Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound receives from the total grant amount of approximately 2.8 million NOK. What situation will then this annual grant to Stavanger Museum put Stavanger municipality in, in 2125. Or «in a few more centuries»?

State and county

Since both the state and the county supposedly make relatively large grants to Stavanger Museum; Is there not then a great possibility that these too will have problems «in a few centuries» with the municipal director’s calculation? Is the state budget also collapsing? 

In this series, dozens of CDs with opera recordings from Marco Contini’s large collection were released. Partly thanks to Arne Dørumsgaard, who encouraged and helped Continis’ son and sound engineer David during the release. They were sold at gas stations in Italy.

Honestly, director;

is it not possible to relate to reality in a somewhat more sober way than this; in the city that in 2008 was elected Europe’s cultural capital. Not so very cultured case management I will say.

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